Welcome to Spielman Antiques, a well-established antiques online store holding a significant amount of smaller antique items such as ceramics, silver, jewellery, collectables and other interesting pieces.  If you love antiques as we do – then you must surely be aware that as well as the joy of acquiring rare and exceptional pieces, they are also a sound investment.  Antiques are relatively easy to sell and are a very easy way of raising money.  At some time in your life, you may have a bill to pay or need a better computer or even a holiday.  By selling an antique or collectible, something which has appeal to others, you can realise your goal without running up dangerous debts.

Investing in antiques

Antiques present an interesting investment opportunity, although they are typically defined by narrow parameters, we tend to consider antiques as paintings and furniture.  This limited definitions excludes a number of other categories which feature commodities that can value with age and thus rightly be considered alternative investments.  With a view to such potential, we seek goods to offer on our website, thinking outside the box and providing a platform for all brackets of antique lovers and investors to consider such as books, coins,cards and memorabilia as well as some hidden and rare gems that you just will not find anywhere else.  Keep in mind to have an appreciation for the collectible, and remember, wherever you choose to place your money, deliberate and aggressive due diligence is always a wise investment.


Tips On Collecting:

Advertising Items: Collectors of advertising items always keep these points in mind 1) Subject (Company)  2) Rarity 3) Condition 4)Eye Appeal.



1) Dogs are not the only old Staffordshire pottery pieces reproduced; other animals and even figuarl groups have been copied.  Watch out for overall ‘crazing’ of the glaze.  Note the firing holes should only be about ¼ in diameter.

2) Watch out for “fake” R.S. Prussia marks. The new green and red mark has been available on decal sheets for a number of years and and can be applied to any unmarked china.



1) Be on the alert.  A deal of brand-new reproduction Art Nouveau style jewelry is on the market today, especially pieces in silver.